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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting (Oriflame)

Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting (Oriflame)
Catalogue Claims About Oriflame Beauty Powershine Lip Gloss:
Super power shine gloss with unique applicator for precise and mess-free application. With advanced pearlescent pigments that deliver a sparkling and ultra gloss finish. About the brush, wonderfully soft, flexible applicator boasting rubber-like qualities ideal for high-bulk applications, whilst maintaining supreme precision and comfort.
here the swab
these my bare lips
price : hmm i don't know i received these from some friend as a gift.
one tube its content 5ml, the shade i have, is Red Ovation.
here i swab on my hand as you can see it's full of glitter, sparkling everywhere and so shiny,, in notes : that i don't like something too shiny or havo too much glitter these product containt too much glitter, but i don't mind, as is name is oriflame super lip gloss,, hahaha..

anyway i'm not expenses money to get these, why not, here the review obout these product,
it's smeels good, no odor like plastic, it's smell like sweet gummy, inside the container, we will found some aplicator, not as usual applicator, it's not like soft aplicator made from some flat tip applicator i'm not comfortable when i used these applicator.

i used in room light (too much and too glossy, what do you think?)
Pros :
• It does not dry out the lips because, it is very moisturizing.
• Gloss does not feel overly sticky on the lips.
• The flavour is like sweet gummy (I think) and I love it.
 Cons :
• The applicator is an unique one and how to spreads the gloss precisely on to the lips it's isnt uncomfortable for me.
• Staying power, the gloss does not last through meals, but then which gloss does, so that is not at all an issue for me.
i think i will not repurchased, in condition if i purchased these, hehe..

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