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Senin, 09 Juli 2012


hello it's little long time after my last post review ^^
(i have got little busied by my job)
now i wanna share my experience use these fantastic lip tint,, maybe many bloger already had post their review about these lip tint,,
i bought these because  my friend recommended it.,, and guess these the my FIRST KOREAN COSMETIC that i bought.,,
and i never disappointed hehe.,,
i already bought my second bottle, lol
okay that's enough from my story, let's start the review
it's had clear plastic jar, some times i fear the liquid in the jar will spill, because it's very liquid  (like red water i think)
it's will spill easily if i drop the bottle :( (but i always carefull when i used,, because it's little bit expensive i think,, the price it's usd9.9 per Rp9.500,00 (i bought in mall counter)  T.T
anway if you bought these in online shop it's more cheap,,  just roung usd 7 per Rp.9500,00

it's come in two shade, mine it's number 01,, in picture maybe red color it's very scary but believe me, when you applying in my lips, it's will turn into natural color,, you  can used these lip tint also as blush on too.,,

natural sheer red,, you can used on your lip & as a blush on
look, as you can see, these lip tint has natural soft red, not like in jar, look like these will be very red,,
i really love these shade,, as you know if you had read my last review about natural shade on lipstick that i never find,, well now i find it,, not in lipstick but in these lip tint,, very impressive natural color on my lips.,,

in left i used lip tint with my nivea lip care strawberry (i like it ^^)
here some description on their official webside :
1. Natural glow just like your own lips
Its moist water type tint that gently absorbed into your lips makes natural rosy lips

2. Upgraded version of water type tint with strong moisturizing effects
Water Dispersion Gel System that creates an aqua gel network film onto the lips holds moisture and gives smooth & even application

3. Long Lasting liveliness that doesn�t need to be reapplied

Water soluble coloring helps maintain lips lively and well-colored even after eating

pros :
+ have great nature shade on my lips
+ have good staying color
+ not make my lips dry  (lol)
+ have natural glow on my lips
cons :
- i always fear i will spill out these aqua tint, becaused it's too liquid,, and the container it's not have safety if i accidentally dropped the bottle, so the containt it's spill out .,,
- it's has a bitter tasty.,, but it's not a big problem since it has amazing color

i realy love these shade,, finaly i found my natural color.,, realy love these.,,

repurchases?? definitely YES haha.,, i already bought one hehe.,,

just for info for you all.,, i heard that these lip tint had recycle their package into these!!

the new package 



4 komentar:

  1. Hi, Alice ^^
    Akhir'a aQ bertamu ke blogmu ^^
    setelah baca review lip tint TFS ini jadi pengen coba deh...
    mungkin nanti setelah aQ menghabiskan stock lipstickQu kali yaa... hehehe

    Kapan2 aQ bertamu lagi yaa... ^^

    1. woah senganya bisa ngeracunin orang hehe..,,
      di tunggu kunjungan berikutnya ya ^^

  2. Hello Alice,
    nice swatch u got there, very natural.
    I never try brand the face shop before but I think, after reading ur review, I may want to take a peek on their counter ha ha...
    thanx for sharing :)

    1. wow thanks for the compliment (feeling so happy )
      #make Me Blush hihi...