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Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

Loreal Renewal Lash Serum

Loreal  Renewal Lash Serum

eyelash renewal serum l'oreal
hi i know i promised you all to review hada labo super hyaluronic acid hydrating but.,, i really wanna share to you about these amazing serum for eyelash
i like thick  and full eyelash (really love it.) i know that if you used mascara you can make you eyelash look more thick and full.,, but girls it's not last longer, and sometimes if i used mascara my eyelash will fall.,, it's make me worried (beside i don't like to used mascara.,, you can't rub your eyes.,,)~sometimes i forget and robed my eyelash when i used mascara.,, and when i cleaning my mascara, my eyelash it's fall  too.,,
when i tell my stories to my friends she suggested me to used some serum in my eyelash,, it's work??
well good news is these really work!!!!!
bad news is.,, i think it's little too expensive for me.,, it's around $16 (Rp159.000,-)
i bought in l'oreal cosmetics counter.,, but it's work so that expensive price  it's not wasted
i used 2 week and i can see and feel the difference.,, now it's 2,5month after i used these eyelash serum.,, and i feel my eyelash more better and better.,, i never used mascara again now.,, it's growth more thick.,, and more long.,, and it's very beautiful.,, (in the natural ways)
i not planing to review these item.,, since i ever felt pessimistic about this product.,, so i don't have before after photos.,, but i searching from the another reviewer and i will post they before after eyelash photos.,,

 these some review that claims about this product :
Judging by the advertorial and a mini-review in the magazine, it looks like its going to be available (or already available) in Singapore.  According to the advertisement, two trials were conducted. 
In one trial, 32 women, aged 27 and above who were regular mascara users used the Renewal Lash Serum twice daily for 1 month and their lashes were apparently visibly:
  • 81% more abundant
  • 94% stronger
  • 81% fuller
  • 97% less lash loss during makeup removal

In another trial, 65 women who were regular mascara users and wanted to improve their lashes, used Renewal Lash Serum twice daily for four weeks.  Their lashes were apparently visibly:
  • 65% more abundant
  • 68% stronger
  • 75% fuller
  • 78% less lash loss during makeup removal 
what i wanna tell you is these product work in wonderful ways

pross :
 1. it's work great on my eyelash
2. it's true make your eyelash mire thick and long
3. no  side effect (that's from my  experience )
4. it's permanently
5. makes your eyelash more health and no more eyelash fall (lol)

cons :
1. none (i think.,, beside the highly price.,, but i search the another brand it.s more expensive ~etude.,, max growth)

repurchases : definitely yes baby

recommended to all girl  who wants long and more thick eyelash  

See you soon in my another review,, hada labo like i promised, as soon as i can

10 komentar:

  1. oke banget ya ni serum? jadi keracunan pengen nyoba nih....

    1. hahaha.,,
      bner-bner bagus loh.,
      diriku jg gaknyangka., kirain bulu mata ku udah gak bisa numbuh lg.,
      niat awalnyakn cuma mau ilangin rontok.,
      eh gaktaunya jadi +tebal & +panjang
      surprise bgt haha...,,

  2. Baru mau coba Etude My Lash serum nih say lagi nunggu POnya, aku sudah pakai max growth tapi kok kayaknya kurang ngefek ya?? Tapi beberapa teman ada yg cocok sih.

    1. max growt itu yg pemakaiannya dibatasi selama 2minggu udah harus habis ya?
      yg etude itu gimana hasilnya?
      gak sabar nunggu review mu

      kalau sy ini sudah bagus.,, gak rontok lagi.,, tambah panjang juga.,,

    2. Iya maxgrowth yg 2 minggu harus habis itu, bulmatku dah lmyn panjang tp suka rontok huu huu.... PO etude masi beluumm dtg. Berantem dulu ama bea cukai.

    3. haahhh
      kok bisa ??
      yaampun gak bgt deh bdn beacukai kita itu
      tmn ku jg brgnya ketahan pas bulan puasa suru tebus dulu.,
      (ky anak2 disandera sm preman gitu ya)hahaha.., lol
      pdhl udah gak sabar nunggu review mu loh >.<
      semoga lancar deh abis ini

  3. waaawww thanks for the review! mau beli aaaaahhh :D
    Lg desperately need something to grow my crappy lashes huhu

    following you now :)
    would appreciate if you follow me back

    1. my pleasure
      i followed you too now
      yeah these smart choices to fix your problem

  4. Wow what a difference! looks like it really works x


    1. yeah i think so.,
      thanks to visit my blog anyway