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Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick : Pink in The Afternoon no.415

Revlon shade 415 Pink In The Afternoon
i have been searching for lipstick with natural lip color, it's not easy to find hehe.. (for me surely)
i have been searching for that natural color for a year, but i didn't find it. no one lipstick that i have bought or look on cosmetic counter realy match with my "natural color imagination" hehe...
look like what that color in my imagination? well if you curious i will describe it,  it's just a natural lip color, for healthty lips, not like you are wearing some lipstic, not too red, not too brown, not too pink, not too light-like nude color (it's too plain-make your face like pale,look like you i sick i think)-i don't mean to offend anybody who likes nude color , so peace my blog reader

maybe it's will look like these, if you can't imagine what i described  

back to the topic; where can i find that gorgeous color?
so when i went to Mall, i take look on Revlon cosmetic counter, i habe been read some reviews that revlon had a great color, so why not, maybe i can find my desire color.
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and i see these color Revlon shade 415 Pink In The Afternoon, hmm,, looks like these color it's closest with the color that i desire.
when i swatched on my hand, i directly buy these.
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i don't know it's because the lighting on that counter, makes shade of 415 pink in the afternoon it's not like the true color of this lipstic or maybe becaused i have been too desire to find my dreamed natural lipstic color. what i clearly know, when i swatched on my lips, when i'm in my room it's TOO LIGHT, honestly these is a good color, makes my face look more bright, but these is too light too. makes my lips look to bright.
if the shade its more, just little more red/brown it's will be perfect i think.
but anyway,, i have been used these  /-1year, it's goot, but not great,, for now i still search for may dreamed lip color, more look natural color., wish me luck after a years searching maybe someday i will find it ^^ (still optimist)

this some swatched in indoor room

                     this some swatched in outdoor

pros : 
me used pink in the afternoon (too pale for me)
  • it's cheap i think $3.5 (/Rp9500)
  • it's not containt any glitter (i less like gittes makeup)
  • not too glossy (nature mate)
  • is 4.5gr (pretty mutch) 
  • easy to get in Revlon counter in Mall
  • avaliable in many natural shade color.
  • for me it's isn't dry my lips (but some blogger said it's dry they lips)
cons :
  • shade to light (but it's still nice pretty color)
  • i don't know the ingredients
buy again : hmm.. i don't think so, after these is not the color that i desire to have,,  LOL

if you have any suggestion for me, please let me knew what brand and shade which has a natural color natural like i desire to have.

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