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Kamis, 21 Juni 2012



This product claims to “Prevent blemishes and remove excess oil with a refreshing gel-bashed facial wash that won’t over-dry your skin and is gentle enough for daily use.” I bought these in The Body Shop retail store on Mall Kelapa Gading +/- 8$ (Rp9.500/1$)  with quality 250ml, And this may seem a little expensive ,  but with what they claims I still bought these, becaused i hope it realy works, if you read my  previous review about The Body Shop  Tea Tree Oil.

so i have high expectation with this too, i already used these 2-3week (can't remember clearly) -__-  #sigh
what i feel after i used tea tree facial wash is my skin feels little more dry (before i used these i already used Garnier Oil Clear Scrub for oil skin with a lot of  Srub, but like another good product, "if that is a good product that suitable form my skin, that product WILL NOT in  PRODUCTION  THAT PRODUCT ANYMORE or they will change the formula on that product to be poor quality      :'(  #hix

so i must find the another facial wash that suitable for my skin. and i find out in the internet that tea tree face wash was a good product, soo i interested to  tried too.
maybe i over too long rub my face with this , becaused after i wash my face feel little dry and a little death skin peeling off of my face, and i don't like it!!

i don't know it's becaused i get stressed or maybe these product doesn't work properly for me, I GOT A NEW PIMPLE !! A LOT !!!
 huhuhu... :((

but i will still used these, since these in one and only face wash that i have now.
i will update maybe 1 month after these review, if there is no improvements I WILL START TO SEARCH ANOTHER FACE WASH THAT NOT MAKE MY SKIN DRY!!

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honestly my skin type it's have so much oily, sensitive skin with proclivity into producting acne an a lot of big pore and Blackheads of course, but it will dries if i used face wash that contain too much soap on my face wash (too sensitive i think) .. poor skin i think, i will get some pimple just becaused somebody touch my face in short time, getting some sun burn, to long used make up,

the ingredients :
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·         Community Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya its an ingredient renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits, an infusion perfect to help blemishes

·         Tamanu Oil from Madagascar  its traditionally used to promote healthy-looking skin and has fantastic moisturising properties

·         Lemon Tea Tree from Kenya its Anti-bacterial to give the products a eucalyptus fragrance (firs time i don't like the smell, now i like it, it's smells like a good medicinefor me hehe...)

pros :
- Smells like eucalyptus . i like it, it's smells like a good medicinefor me
- This range is directed for oilies, however I Have normal-combination skin and this works.
- Available in the worldwide at The body Shop stores..

cons :
- This make my skin little too dry some times. (now i had peel death skin out off my face)
- This does absolutely NOTHING for Blackheads, I know this is not meant for Blackheads.
- Now i have a lot pimples becaused i used these,, or maybe not, maybe because i in my depression moment now (i realy must find out what the problem truely)!!

Will I repurchase?
don't know, i will used these and watch the effect on my face first, but or now, with a new pimples I DON'T THINK SO

Who do I recommend it?
People with Oily and Combination Skin with problem skin. No harm for Normal Skin i think.

Who should not try it?
DRY Skin  and TOO SENSITIVE skin ( Please Avoid these )

see you soon on my other review
note : i have bought some peeling from another korean brand named Dr. Chuckchuk Peeling Care  and i will review it soon as possible


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  1. Teman-teman peng-gemar dan pengguna THE BODY SHOP, tolong bantu saya isi questionnaire tentang pengalaman penggunaan kamu terhadap produk THE BODY SHOP ya, sebagai syarat saya sarjana hehehe.

    Click di sini ya:


    (simply click on the link or copy paste it on your browser ya)

    Tolong bantu sebarkan juga ke peng-gemar dan pengguna THE BODY SHOP lain ya, btw HANYA UNTUK WANITA.
    Thank you so much, merci beaucoup, terima kasih!