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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

My First BB Cream-The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream


The TheFaceShop Lovely Me:ex is brightens and smoothes out skin imperfections. It has SPF20 PA++ sun protection and features natural ingredients like tea tree, rosemary and chamomille extracts.

hii dear these is my first BB Cream., Why i bought these one not other brand or another series which is  more famous than these one?
because some how i had good expectation from faceshop better than other brand (dunno how)
moreover no one in my country i think ever review these product, so why not i will try these one haha.., LOL.,

another blogger from other country said that these BBC it's good enough for newbie (like me i guess) hehe.,
i ever used BBC from Maybelline but it's make me BREAKOUT - it's make me little pessimist to try another BBC, but., every i ready other beauty blogger review some BBC it's poisoned me mo try., to give ether chance to BBC FROM KOREAN BRAND (maybe these time will be difference ) LOL.., 

i had read the ingredients for these BBC and i really interested whit these one., i bought in The Face Shop Counter Around $10 (@Rp100.000). for 40ml in plastic tube

packaging it's just simple which is i like :D came in soft calm light purple tuber., very simple., 
oh yeah these BBC just came in on Shade color only so i think it's just for light skin tone only :(
i'm had not to light skin, it's more yellowish than clear light skin tone., hmm but anyway the shade of these BBC it's still suitable and tolerable  in my skin.,,


pross : 
+  i like the light texture (like i wearing nothing)
+  has SPF 20PA++
+  it's contain  tea tree oil (to calm my skin dunno how, tea tree oil it's the best natural ingredients that suitable for my skin and calm my redness)and not much BBC contain tea tree oil i guess
+  has little whitening effect :)
+  i had no irritation when i used these BBC.
+  it's cheap and big enough (another BBC just came in 30ml, but these one came in 40ml!!!! big enough haha LOL) 
+  suitable for newbie like me., 

cons : 
-  i get oily in 3 hour (even after i set my BBC with my Buckwheat Loose Powder # 23 Natural Beige)., i had very-very oily skin but i think get shiny face just in 3hour, it's make these BBChad very bad oil control.
-  just came in one shade (light and little grayish) not suitable for more dark skin :( soo if i get more tan i cannot used these BBC anymore, except i wanna look like geisha from japan LOL .,, 

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