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Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

Body Butter - Herborist (Mango)

hello there
today i wanna review some local product made in Indonesia
the brand named Herborist
maybe you all remember, if you had read my another review about my face skin (it's so oily, too oily and sensitive) >.< i hated my face skin condition
but it's different with my body skin.,, it's so dry >.< (it's so opposite with my face condition)

My skin, especially on the arms and legs it's so dry even some times when it's in very-very bad condition my skin can exfoliate death dry skin and my skin look dull colored
it's become more badly when i am in indoor room  with full air conditioner (AC)
so i must find some product that can protect my skin from dryness (the air conditioner effect i think,, that AC absorb my skin moisture.,,   :'( 
before these body butter i had used oriflame amber elixir body cream it's works awesome for  me and it's had nice smell too since these is parfumed body cream
but's it's not too affordable for me i bought  elixir body cream just when it's had special discount sale price.
soo it's not always available :(
so i hunt for another affordable and available product in our department store.,, and.,,
i find these body butter >.<

it's affordable enough for me just usd 1,30 (Per Rp9.500,00) in rupiah i bought round Rp 12.000,00
hehe.,, it's cheap yeah

it's comes with white creme , i bought mango for elastic skin,,
it's come in 4 variants
* papaya for whitening
* banana for dull skin
* avocado for dry skin
* mango fot elastic skin
The ingredients are pretty good actually, it contains shea butter which is rich of vitamins, olive oil, vitamin E, UV filter, beeswax, and real mango (it's also smell like mango)

its absorb fast

it's had plus value for me, because these body butter had UV filter too,,. not like the other brand which i know minus UV because majority user of body butter it's just used in indoor room, so maybe they think not add UV it's no problem but in my case (my room is in indoor with AC that can make your skin dries but the room it's also had very big glass window so sun shine still can entering the room and make you skin more darkened without feel hot or any burn skin.)

after i used these my skin feel more smooth and light.,,
the moisturizer it's stay consistent longer enough on my skin. 

but i dislike the smell because it's somehow it's sting in my nose.,, maybe combination from to sweet smell (that i didn't like) with some unnatural fake mango smell (from chemical instrument of course)

pros :
* it's affordable (since these made in Indonesia)
* it's had UV filter (the other body butter doesn't)
* make my skin more smooth and brighter
* it's available in store
* it's not make my skin sticky 

cons :
* it's had sting smell (just my personal opinion)

repurchases : hmm.,, i do know.,, maybe i attracted to buy the another lotion on the store lol (
sometimes affected by advertising hehe . lol)

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  1. So tempted to buy one but change my mind after saw that it contains paraben. I personally rather buy something more expensive but save for my sesitive skin. :)